OE tracker app iconInstructions for Optometrists Attending CE Courses

Instructions from ARBO (for Apple v 1.2 and Android v 1.2)


Optometrists can use the OE TRACKER mobile app to record attendance at continuing education courses and receive instant course credit. Not only is it easy, but the app is FREE and can be used by anyone with an OE TRACKER number. The OE TRACKER app is available for iPhones/iPads and Android phones.


How to Get the OE TRACKER App

iPhone/iPad: Go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad and search for “OE TRACKER.” Find the OE TRACKER app and touch to download. Alternatively, you can also download the OE TRACKER app from iTunes.

Android Phone: Download the app from Google Play. Go to Google Play on your Android phone and search for “OE TRACKER.” Find the OE TRACKER app and touch the install button.

How to Use the OE TRACKER App

Once you have downloaded the app, open it by simply touching the app icon. You will see the Welcome Screen, which will ask you to select one of two roles to login as:
  • Course Attendee
  • Course Provider
iPhone Android
how to use app-iphone how to use android

Logging into the OE TRACKER app as a Course Attendee:

1. Touch “Course Attendee” if you are an optometrist that is attending a course and you want to record your attendance using the OE TRACKER app.
a. You will need your OE TRACKER username and password to log into the OE TRACKER app. If you don’t have a username and password, touch “Create User” at the bottom of the Login screen to set one up. (See photo below.) Or call ARBO at 704-970-2710 or 866-869-6852 and we can do it for you. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, touch “Forgot Username or Password?” at the bottom of the Login screen (See photo below.) Or call ARBO and we’ll tell you what they are.

iPhone Android
logging into OE tracker app -iphone logging into OE tracker app -android

2. Enter your username and password and touch “Log In”. Note: These fields are case sensitive. Many phones will capitalize and self-correct what you type, so be sure you entered your username and password correctly.

iPhone Android
3-iphone 3-android

3. When you have logged in, the Main screen will open. This screen will display your:

a. First and last name at the top of the screen
b. OE TRACKER Number
c. E-mail address

IMPORTANT: Before doing anything else, please make sure the correct e-mail address is listed in your account so we can e-mail you confirmation of course attendance. If you need to update your e-mail address, touch “Edit Email Address” (See photo) and enter your updated e-mail address. Then touch “Save” at the top right side of the screen.

Recording Your Attendance at a CE Course:
PLEASE NOTE: In order to record your attendance using the OE TRACKER mobile app, the provider of the CE course must supply a course-specific QR code created by ARBO. After the course has been presented, the provider will post the QR code for attendees to scan. Contact the CE provider prior to attending the course to see if they will be using the OE TRACKER app to record attendance.

1. On the Main screen, after you verify that your personal information is correct, touch “Scan QR Code” located below your e-mail address.

iPhone Android
recording in OE Tracker app-iphone recording in OE Tracker app-android

2. Your phone’s camera will open and you will see “Scan QR Code” at the top of your screen.

3. Center the QR code on your screen and it will automatically scan NOTE: If the code does not scan right away, try backing up your phone a little to make sure the entire QR code fits within the screen.

4. If you have scanned the QR code correctly, the Confirmation screen will appear telling you that your attendance has been recorded in your OE TRACKER account.

iPhone Android
5 OE app iphone 5 OR android

5. You will also be sent an e-mail from OE TRACKER within the next few minutes advising you that your credit for the course has been entered into your account.

6. Touch “Done” at the top right side of the screen to return to the Main screen.

7. To exit, simply close the app. You will stay logged in to the app to scan another QR code. To log out of the app touch the “Logout” button.

Viewing Your CE Course History:

If your OE TRACKER subscription fee has been paid, you can view the CE course hours that are in your account while you are logged into the mobile app.
1. On the Main screen, touch “View Course History” in the middle of the screen.

iPhone Android
History-OE app-iphone 6-history-android

2. If your OE TRACKER subscription fee has NOT been paid, you will see the “Course History Error” screen (See photo below.) If you wish to pay your subscription fee, just touch “Pay Fee” and it will direct you to OE TRACKER to complete payment.

iPhone Android
assets OE app-iphone error OE app-android

3. If your OE TRACKER subscription fee is paid, you will see a list of CE hours that are currently in your OE TRACKER account with the date range listed at the top.
conference app

a. You can change the date range by touching “Filter” on the top right side of the screen and selecting your desired start and end date.
images-1 filter

b. You can see more detailed course information by touching an individual course title.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The OE TRACKER mobile app can be used to record attendance of COPE and Non- COPE courses only at events held by COPE-Approved Administrators/Providers. Credit for other courses can be submitted to ARBO by CE providers using barcode scanners or submitting attendance on an Excel spreadsheet. Optometrists who pay their OE TRACKER subscription fee may also submit certificates of attendance to ARBO to have credits entered into their OE TRACKER account. Simply fax your certificates