AACO 2019 Annual Conference

Featured Speaker
Leo Paul Semes, OD

Leo Paul SemesIn his professional career, Dr. Semes excelled in the area of Forensic Chemistry (employed by the State of Delaware) and Analytical Chemistry (with the National Medical Services in PA). Academically, Dr. Semes taught in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Australia.

Dr. Semes has written over 200 abstracts or publications, and contributed to many other publications, the most recent abstract/publication includes
Semes L. BLUE LIGHT AND DRY EYE. Treatment Plan. Cont Lens Spectrum 2018; 33(7):51 .
Semes L. SPECTACLE ADVENTURE. Treatment Plan. Cont Lens Spectrum 2018; 3311):50.

With several presentations and poster presentations at scientific meetings, and CE presentations under his belt, Dr. Semes is looking forward to speaking at the AACO 2019 Annual Conference.
Dr. Semes received his BS in Chemistry from St. Francis College in PA, his graduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Delaware, his OD from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, and his residency from The Eye Institute of PCO.

Awards and Honors
In 2016, Dr. Semes became only the third recipient in the history of the School to receive the Dean’s Distinguished Service Award In 2015, Dr. Semes was the recipient of the Alabama Optometric Association Educator of the Year award.